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Donald Trumps is up to his old antics again. For the past few days he has been baiting the public with promises of sordid details that were to be revealed about our current President, Barack Obama. Initially rumors toyed with the idea that he had divorce papers. For those of us who have been paying attention, rumors about the Obamas almost divorcing at some point in the relationship is not news. However after 20 years together one would have to question why would anyone be surprised. Marriage is hard. And any couple together for a significant amount of time together has probably at some pointed wanted out. It’s the hardest relationship to manage because of the implications of marital ties, family investment, religious values, etc.

But alas no. No such thing has surfaced. Instead the over tanned, comb-over lover has resorted to an offer to donate $5m to a charity of the president’s choosing in return for the release of his college records and passport application. Now my initial reaction was anger. Real anger. The kind of anger you experience when someone wrongs you. But this was not directed at me…or was it. 

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Donald Trump represents the deep seeded arrogance that whites still hold on to for dear life. Racism. Pure and simple. Donald Trump contends that this is not about media attention or him “this is about the United States of America.” But whose United States is he speaking about. That phrase is code for Barack Obama is not an American. He thinks that his pure African Kenyan blood pollutes the lily white purity image of ‘real’ Americans and disfigures the legacy of the presidency. It is as simple as that. Having African blood means you can not sit at the table of prosperity of American enterprise. Being a person of color of any hue automatically puts you into the “you people category” or other. 

As an American I will say without filter that my heritage is American (Native that is), my heritage is African. You must respect that. Why? Because without African culture, Greeks and Romans would not have any place from which to steal mathematics, science and culture. What racism does is distract ignorant hateful  people from seeing deep rooted (possibly genetic fear) of the superiority of ancient African culture. I think the real fear is that Africans of the diaspora will eventually realize that one day. And then what happens? What if institutionalize racism was no longer seen as a hurdle? 


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