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I’ve been searching high and low for the origins of this term (and an annoying one at that). My ninja google skills have yet to reveal this source of what I consider a ridiculous nomenclature for the years in which President Barack Obama has served as the Commander in Chief. I will however assume that the person who coined the term really knows nothing about racism, its origins, the power associated with it or the perpetuity of it. They are quite naive and uninformed and should be publicly acknowledged for starting one of the most ridiculous dismissals of this social ill. But it has given bloggers plenty to write about because what is evident is that the United States is far from being cured of racism, white supremacy and all the issues that plague people of color.

Racism has only served one race in the oppression of another. The United States still thrives on a notion of the supremacy of whites. It is evident everywhere. Stereotypes abound. And whites feel very safe believing them. Or how else can you explain the ridiculousness of the show “Friends”, every Burger King and McDonald’s commercial geared toward Blacks and the absence of people of color in controlling the images you see.

Racism is taught. It is a tradition passed down from father to child, media to viewer and even victim to victim. Real conversations about race are far and few in between. That is true only because of whites’ reluctance to acknowledge its existence and their complicity to it. I’m not even sure how complicit individuals realize they are when they overhear their friends and family tell racist jokes and laugh along nervously instead of protesting in the moment…Image

That is the cowardice that allows racism in its many forms to exist. I recall as a young camp counselor coming upon a group ofgirls taunting another one. This very small diminutive girl of Mexican descent was surrounded by a group of girls slightly older and Dominican. What I overheard enraged me!!! All I could hear the ring leader saying over and over again, “You Mexican, who do you think you are?” “You’re just a Mexican.” “You think your hair is nicer than mine!!” And on and on. I immediately interrupted and told those bullies in front of that little girl they had no right to make fun of her. That she should be proud to be Mexican. I told her she was pretty and that she should never ever allow anyone to speak to her like that again. I’m sure there was more to my speech but what I wanted to leave these young girls with is that they were wrong plain and simple.

I reported the incident to the camp director. I don’t know to this day what was done about it. Had I been the camp director and knowing who I am I would have made it very clear to the parents of those little girls that I would not tolerate that kind of bullying and certainly not that kind of profiling. Now I don’t think I would have used bullying and profiling but they would know that even though I am a black girl from Brooklyn that I will defend anyone, anywhere and at any time and would not spare anyone’s feelings because they were taught to hate.

We have to all choose to be an example. And when we are fighting for equality it has to be for all of us. What I knew and still know now is that having a man of any color in the White House brings out the crazies. Between the Birther movement and states wanting to secede from the United States it is clear that we have not come that far from the Civil Rights act. Between Trumps calling for revolution and Karl Rove’s insistence that Fox News is somehow responsible for the results of the election it is a clear barometer for how the rest of America feels “We do not want a black President.” Period.Image


I found this article and compelled to share. I get sick of hearing the Right throw around their hidden and sometimes overt message geared toward keeping stereotypes alive and well. They depend on people to not question anything. But when real information is available to challenge those notions I think it is important to make it known. Make it plain.Image

See Race Files article “When Welfare Was White: What The Fight Over the Safety Net Is Really All About

Judge for yourself and be confronted by your own prejudices and lack of knowledge.

I am by no means a political activist. I do however consider myself aware of the many issues that plague our nation. Larger issues continue to be the ever growing national debt. Debt which is passed on to middle income wage earning households. We import far more than we export and so we are at a disadvantage in this aspect. Companies have been moving operations overseas and have been doing so for decades but the current belief is that this is the fault of the last few administrations. That is just not true. The unemployment rate has recently fallen but it is not nearly as low as it was in 2006 or nearly as high as they’ve been during the early 1980s. And the future of job creation overseas does not look good either.

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Voters are not interested in the facts though however skewed or inaccurate. They really choose based on personality and the best spiel given by a candidate. I had a friend express their affinity for Mitt Romney indicating how much of a family man he was. I was floored. Why would that ever by the first real reason to vote for someone? Ridiculous as it sounds I’d rather vote for a single man who does not have the distraction of a family to raise. How does having a family trump leadership experience of the single person. (I have a theory but that will be left for another blog.)

We have two Ivy-League educated candidates to choose from in November. One supports green energy and has created many tax incentives in support of it. The other supports clean coal if there is such a thing. One candidate wants to raise taxes on the rich and the other does not in many aspects. What really bothers me is that when you look at President Barack Obama‘s political career he consistent from the time he was a young organizer living in Chicago working with the poorest of communities. He understand family struggle. He understands single-parent life.

Others will view Mitt Romney’s silver-spoon upbringing as some sort of a crutch. But he has worked with the poor as well. What I am more concerned about his bold support of abortion-rights and his ridiculous 180 degree turn on the issue. How convenient?

So now that a new election is upon us I continue to witness facebook and twitter rantings about NOT voting. About NOT caring. And about complete dissolution with the whole process. I say that is a cop out. While it is easier to believe that no good comes from voting I say it is far worse to stay out of the political process. The same person who chooses not to vote will find themselves subjected to future legislation that could have an affect on their future well being. I do not retire for another 20 years or so but I am not happy with either stance the current candidates take on social security. They both have intentions of reducing services.

When you vote it’s just not about the here and now but about what is good for future generations. Not voting is the same as saying “there is no future to live in to” or “I’ll leave that up to you all to decide”. That is no way to live. And I’m not going to expound on all those who fought and died for the right to vote because that argument has been won. Spitting on the efforts of voting & civil rights activists from the last 100 years or so is an obvious argument that no one will against.

We are a nation that takes its freedoms for granted. We are not raising our children to be politically aware. We are more concerned with technical trinkets and the lastest skinny jeans. Schools turn a blind eye to bullying and sex trafficking has not even brought up by either platform. We will have to sit through two more debates before we find out of our candidates care about the poor and what real plans they have for education. I say get your pad and pencils good citizens and take notes. Then draw your own conclusions and by all means vote. Vote for the graduating class of 2023 because they will be starting college that year. And they deserve every option to make that happen.

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