We all need to get through the fire. I truly enjoyed listening to Lisa’s journey. You will too.

Close Encounters of the Dream Kind

I’m going to pre-face this post and let you know, it’s raw, it’s real, and I’ll be opening up to you in a way I may have not in the past. Ok, here we go…

Yesterday felt like the day from Hell. I got a double-whammy of unloading from two different people, back-to-back. And then, while I was getting some much needed help from a listening friend, another person decided to unload a little too.

I have been on Spiritual Journey since 2004. That was the year I took my first class in an attempt to have a greater understanding of how to live a great life. Before that class, I was an angry, lost, ego-driven, insecure and hurt little girl. I knew there had to be more than to live life always angry, and I wanted to know how to get there. I was determined to change my life…

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