If you ask some people they will say last nights debate between Republican candidate Paul Ryan and current vice president Joe Biden was a virtual smack down. Others will point how undignified Biden behaved and by his mere behavior he lost the debate on pure lack of character. I will admit in the beginning I found Biden’s smiles and smirks to be an easy way to jab at Ryan but as the night wore on he started to appear to be a curmudgeon old man with a bone to pick. That is never a good look.

vpdebateOn the other hand Ryan remained quite dignified and super serious. I mean serious like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Hidden behind his serious tone however was the same avoidance of detail, misquoting of facts, rantings about poor Russia (what is the deal with Russia) and his insistence that his experience outweighs Biden even though Biden is clearly older and more seasoned in the affairs of government. And because of that Ryan was the more stellar candidate in terms of candor. We could have done without his Hallmark stories. They wore thin after the second one.

The standout star as far as I am concerned is the moderator Martha Raddatz who kept to task, asked insightful questions, pointed out Ryans avoidance in answering questions and all around gave equal speaking time to each candidate. It was refreshing after watching Jim Lehrer get handled by Mitt Romney last week.

What I was not impressed with is their debate on social security and medicare. I don’t think either side of the aisle has the right solution and up and coming old folks are in trouble. Last night, tonight and especially this week as comedy shows gear up we will be treated to some stellar parodies of this debate. In character perhaps Steve Carell will show up to play Raul Ryan. In turn a Biden look a like will ham it up for the camera, grin and make rabbit ears behind his head.

Aside from their antics, Americans in the U.S. got to see each candidate and who they really are. Biden is very passionate and cares about the issues. He is very specific about what he and Obama want to do and clear about the work that still needs to be done. On the other hand Ryan like his running mate is sticking to his “we have a plan, and after we win we will let you know” approach. Overall, it was much more insightful than the lackluster debate we witnessed last week between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Luckily for these two there are two more debates.