Last year in August after coming home from a late night at the movies I was totally pissed to see dozens and dozens AND dozens of people still milling about. It was well after midnight and there were no police to be found. I’ve lived in Prospect Heights for over 15 years. What is so annoying is that I watch the neighborhood change and gentrify. I prided myself as being one of those hold outs who refuses to move because it’s clear the neighborhood is changing and not changing for ME.

I don’t get the behavior of young people today. They obviously have nothing better to do than hang out in a residential neighborhood well over an hour or two after a FREE event has ended. What was a lovely idea in the beginning turned into the largest and cheapest pick up spot in NYC. Image

I mean when chicks are showing up in 4-5 inch heels to the museum you know what’s up. It’s a sad commentary that people want to be seen but won’t spend the money to go to a real club or lounge to do that bit. Is it not an age old ritual? Dress it up, attract the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter), make a connection, maybe go on a few dates? What’s going on that BMA ends up the vortex of social life. Where else in New York are 20,000 folks showing up? Central Park perhaps.

But the point is BMA turned into that outlet and so the parents with their children and married couples like myself and hubby could not stroll the museum with out dodging throngs of club wear crews milling about hoping to be seen. I for one never had to dress it up to get that kind of attention but these new chicks coming up don’t have a sense of self and so this is what happens.

I suspect that at some point something would have happened. A free event should not be a free for all. Bike clubs are showing up. I mean really??

BMA was left with no choice because at some point they would be held liable for some altercation that spills over from there event. And in this age of “I”m going to sue everybody!” this is a real problem waiting to happen. Sorry to see it go but it was inevitable.