I have been very intrigued by the suspension of Tony Kornheiser for remarks he made about an outfit worn by ESPN colleague Hannah Storm. It appears he was ranting over her wardrobe or lack thereof. So my first reaction was to dismiss this as another “Tony K moment”. He has been known to put his foot in his mouth in the past. And all was forgiven. He still has his job and this too shall pass. So I am not going to get into what he said exactly. What I do want to talk about is the so-called offending outfit. Thanks to google and other nosy (curious) observers like myself I looked up the ‘outfit’. Low and behold it was the first search topic. And then pow!!! There she was in all her bright red technicolor glory.

Tony Kornheiser suspended for comments about Hannah Storm

Hannah in her go-go boots

I immediately thought, “Yeah this is a little off.” But in a day and age where youth and being thin rule I can sympathize with Ms. Storm. She has somehow been lead to believe that her ‘school girl’ skirt as Kornheiser put it and knee-hi red boots are appropriate. And they are…if you are in club grinding to euro-trance music or perched on top of a fiber glass cube behind a cage while The Budos Band plays. There is a lack of dignity here and while Tony K was out of line in expressing his views on air there is a hint of truth to his rant.  When did our society get so warped that our on air personalities are spilling out of their clothes and sporting thigh high skirts? But ESPN is viewed overwhelming by men so I am led to assume that this will be the wave of the future.

You’d never see Robin Roberts (who is just as thin) sporting a mini while reporting on today’s news headlines so why does Hannah get a pass? I don’t know. Don’t care. She’s only two years younger than Roberts. A friend of mine recently asked,

Have we become an instantly gratified visual society that judges merely on our own bias?

This was preceded by a quote from Mark Twain, ”

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have had little or no influence on society.” Well clothes make the woman too. Should we just go along with new trend of bare it all? When do we get to go back to being ladies? Why is that changes in societal rules always look like someone has lost their marbles?