So I’ve been watching “Let’s Talk About Pep”. Off and on. It that was only after reading several online bashing sessions I witnessed  that I said to myself, “Ok let’s go see the so-called train wreck for myself.” It is a familiar story. Women of a certain age looking for love and the ever elusive ‘happily ever after’. So the bloggers are right. Four seemingly insecure women in various stages of self delusion and mutilation (in the face) are on the quest for love. The only real stand out is Jacque (I don’t think she’s gone under the knife). She is the most ‘conservative’ of the quartet from what I can tell. And she has openly admitted she’s never had an orgasm.

Now Oprah has done this show. And I am astounded. How does one get to this point in life and not have one? An orgasm!!! I mean they don’t require another person to even be in the room. According to her VH1 bio, “Jacque is a true southern girl, taking an old fashioned approach to relationships and sex. Whereas Jacque keeps an open mind about current events and cultural issues, when it comes to men and dating…” Really Jacque. That old-fashioned approach is not useful in this day and age but I’m glad she’s “Keeping an open mind”. “Why?” you ask. Well that’s because a man does not need that kind of responsibility. When you are into yourself orgasm are not elusive. But unless someone has experienced that they don’t know.

I take cue from my older friends in their 50’s and 60’s. They don’t just expect to have them…they DEMAND them. Happy hunting Jacque!