I’ve been searching high and low for the origins of this term (and an annoying one at that). My ninja google skills have yet to reveal this source of what I consider a ridiculous nomenclature for the years in which President Barack Obama has served as the Commander in Chief. I will however assume that the person who coined the term really knows nothing about racism, its origins, the power associated with it or the perpetuity of it. They are quite naive and uninformed and should be publicly acknowledged for starting one of the most ridiculous dismissals of this social ill. But it has given bloggers plenty to write about because what is evident is that the United States is far from being cured of racism, white supremacy and all the issues that plague people of color.

Racism has only served one race in the oppression of another. The United States still thrives on a notion of the supremacy of whites. It is evident everywhere. Stereotypes abound. And whites feel very safe believing them. Or how else can you explain the ridiculousness of the show “Friends”, every Burger King and McDonald’s commercial geared toward Blacks and the absence of people of color in controlling the images you see.

Racism is taught. It is a tradition passed down from father to child, media to viewer and even victim to victim. Real conversations about race are far and few in between. That is true only because of whites’ reluctance to acknowledge its existence and their complicity to it. I’m not even sure how complicit individuals realize they are when they overhear their friends and family tell racist jokes and laugh along nervously instead of protesting in the moment…Image

That is the cowardice that allows racism in its many forms to exist. I recall as a young camp counselor coming upon a group ofgirls taunting another one. This very small diminutive girl of Mexican descent was surrounded by a group of girls slightly older and Dominican. What I overheard enraged me!!! All I could hear the ring leader saying over and over again, “You Mexican, who do you think you are?” “You’re just a Mexican.” “You think your hair is nicer than mine!!” And on and on. I immediately interrupted and told those bullies in front of that little girl they had no right to make fun of her. That she should be proud to be Mexican. I told her she was pretty and that she should never ever allow anyone to speak to her like that again. I’m sure there was more to my speech but what I wanted to leave these young girls with is that they were wrong plain and simple.

I reported the incident to the camp director. I don’t know to this day what was done about it. Had I been the camp director and knowing who I am I would have made it very clear to the parents of those little girls that I would not tolerate that kind of bullying and certainly not that kind of profiling. Now I don’t think I would have used bullying and profiling but they would know that even though I am a black girl from Brooklyn that I will defend anyone, anywhere and at any time and would not spare anyone’s feelings because they were taught to hate.

We have to all choose to be an example. And when we are fighting for equality it has to be for all of us. What I knew and still know now is that having a man of any color in the White House brings out the crazies. Between the Birther movement and states wanting to secede from the United States it is clear that we have not come that far from the Civil Rights act. Between Trumps calling for revolution and Karl Rove’s insistence that Fox News is somehow responsible for the results of the election it is a clear barometer for how the rest of America feels “We do not want a black President.” Period.Image


I know this blog is dedicated to the work of graphic designers, but until my professional and leisure life is restored in NYC, its hard for me to focus on writing about anything else.

Today I decided to volunteer with the reliefs of Hurricane Sandy.  Not far from my home is a main supply hub called Occupy Sandy, which is run by the same people and organizations as Occupy Wall Street. So the first thing I did was collect a bag full of needed donations and headed to Sunset Park.

When I got there it was crazy busy, I didn’t know what to do at first until someone yelled they needed people to help unload vehicles dropping off donations. I immediately started grabbing boxes. I later realized I needed to do a quick orientation, not a know-how session but for safety information. After everyone signs up, you get in…

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All day my friends and I have been chatting and posting online as Hurricane Sandy batters NY, NJ and CT with high winds, high tides, flooding and massive power outages. Image

We are staying positive and being smart. Of course there are those folks who wish to enjoy this horrible in a tab bit different way. Take a look.

There is also the infamous jet ski enthusiast on the East River. Please share your memories as you weathered this historical hurricane.

When a place of worship pulls together nothing can stop them or their generosity.

Be safe everyone!

The Buttry Diary

Digital First Media newsrooms across the Northeast are covering Hurricane Sandy today (and have been covering the preparation and approach all weekend. The New Haven Register’s home page (screenshot above) shows how our news sites are giving this approaching disaster the huge-story coverage it merits.

Our national Thunderdome newsroom is providing coverage to all of our sites through a Hurricane Sandy News blog.

Coverage by Digital First newsrooms has included:

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I am always on the look out for the music that is fun and soulful. The mix reminds of why music of the 60s and 70s are sorely missed. Enjoy and download. But most of all have fun!!

Aloha Got Soul

Every Wednesday when it’s noon in Sydney it’s 4pm the day prior in Hawaii, and a man named Paris takes over the Australian airwaves at Radio 2SER with his rare groove show, Jumping The Gap.

I’m pleased to announce that Paris recently featured a guest mix by Aloha Got Soul—a mix of seven Hawaiian 7-inch records for his Seven Deadly Spins segment.

Paris introduces myself and Aloha Got Soul with factoids and tidbits in the original broadcast:

“Now, a very special treat for you all the way from Hawaii: Roger Bong is the guy behind a great website all about Hawaiian jazz, funk, soul, and rare grooves, and is the latest guest to provide an exclusive  7-inch vinyl mix for our Seven Deadly Spins segment… 

“Bong moved to Hawaii when he was 7—that’s a bit spooky for our mix series, isn’t it? And he got more heavily into…

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Calling a seamstresses!! I can not sew to save my life but if I could I would be up all night making dozens of these dresses for little girls in Haiti…

Dresses For Haiti's Blog

Every year, Dresses for Haiti donates unique, handcrafted shirred dresses to victims of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. This tutorial is for those who would like to help our mission and make dresses for young girls in Haiti. While you make yourself or a loved one a gorgeous new dress, consider making one or a few for young girls in Haiti.
 This fun, versatile tube-dress is extremely easy to make and can be styled in many different ways.  Make a bold statement with bright polka dots, go girly with pink floral print, or stay classy-chic with some breezy white cotton. 
We’d love for you to join our effort and follow us in this simple tutorial as you create a stunning, one-of-a-kind sundress for a Haitian girl!

You can also check out the tutorial on PDF HERE

Step 1: Materials

1)  Fabric:  Lightweight, non-stretch cotton

  • Do not use stretch fabric!

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We all need to get through the fire. I truly enjoyed listening to Lisa’s journey. You will too.

Close Encounters of the Dream Kind

I’m going to pre-face this post and let you know, it’s raw, it’s real, and I’ll be opening up to you in a way I may have not in the past. Ok, here we go…

Yesterday felt like the day from Hell. I got a double-whammy of unloading from two different people, back-to-back. And then, while I was getting some much needed help from a listening friend, another person decided to unload a little too.

I have been on Spiritual Journey since 2004. That was the year I took my first class in an attempt to have a greater understanding of how to live a great life. Before that class, I was an angry, lost, ego-driven, insecure and hurt little girl. I knew there had to be more than to live life always angry, and I wanted to know how to get there. I was determined to change my life…

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Donald Trumps is up to his old antics again. For the past few days he has been baiting the public with promises of sordid details that were to be revealed about our current President, Barack Obama. Initially rumors toyed with the idea that he had divorce papers. For those of us who have been paying attention, rumors about the Obamas almost divorcing at some point in the relationship is not news. However after 20 years together one would have to question why would anyone be surprised. Marriage is hard. And any couple together for a significant amount of time together has probably at some pointed wanted out. It’s the hardest relationship to manage because of the implications of marital ties, family investment, religious values, etc.

But alas no. No such thing has surfaced. Instead the over tanned, comb-over lover has resorted to an offer to donate $5m to a charity of the president’s choosing in return for the release of his college records and passport application. Now my initial reaction was anger. Real anger. The kind of anger you experience when someone wrongs you. But this was not directed at me…or was it. 

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-has-a-kenyan-childhood-grudge-jokes-barack-obama-2012-10#ixzz2AKCTgU3U


Donald Trump represents the deep seeded arrogance that whites still hold on to for dear life. Racism. Pure and simple. Donald Trump contends that this is not about media attention or him “this is about the United States of America.” But whose United States is he speaking about. That phrase is code for Barack Obama is not an American. He thinks that his pure African Kenyan blood pollutes the lily white purity image of ‘real’ Americans and disfigures the legacy of the presidency. It is as simple as that. Having African blood means you can not sit at the table of prosperity of American enterprise. Being a person of color of any hue automatically puts you into the “you people category” or other. 

As an American I will say without filter that my heritage is American (Native that is), my heritage is African. You must respect that. Why? Because without African culture, Greeks and Romans would not have any place from which to steal mathematics, science and culture. What racism does is distract ignorant hateful  people from seeing deep rooted (possibly genetic fear) of the superiority of ancient African culture. I think the real fear is that Africans of the diaspora will eventually realize that one day. And then what happens? What if institutionalize racism was no longer seen as a hurdle? 

The last response from the two little boys is the most hilarious for me. Here’s to childhood memories and good old fashioned parent fun.


OMGosh, this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show last year is hysterical. I have a feeling that I’ll watch it every year around Halloween as long as YouTube is around. It is a classic! One day, I hope to do this to my own child! LMBO!!

“You sneaky mom!!”

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